USB-C to Lightning Cables and Adapters

Scosche's MFi-certified USB-C® to Lightning® Power Delivery cables connect and sync Apple® Lightning devices with USB-C enabled devices. When paired with a Power Delivery Charger, they charge devices up to 3X faster than a regular charger.

USBc to Lightning cable connecting an iPhone to a MacBook

One Cable for Multiple Devices

Connect, fast charge, and sync your Apple Lightning iPhones® and iPads® with USB-C devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, hard drives, digital cameras and more with Scosche’s new Strikeline™ Cables. They deliver both data and power

The Power of Power Delivery

Are you ready for much faster charging and data transfer? When you use a Scosche power delivery charger and Strikeline cable, your iPhone (models 8 and later) and iPad (2017 or later) will go from zero to up to 50% charged in 30 minutes.

USB-C PD uses a universal power delivery system so there is no concern about wattage levels. If a device doesn’t support PD, the charger and cable default to what it can safely support.

Power Delivery Chart

The Convenience of USB-C

USB-C was developed by the Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum (USB-IF) to replace USB-A and USB-B connectors. It has been more quickly adopted by both consumers and manufacturers (including: Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Dell) globally, than any other technology ever! It’s easy to use – the connector is reversible – so there is no “upside down”.

Certified, Tested and Guaranteed!

In addition to being MFi certified, Scosche cables are made from high-quality materials, have reinforced strain relief and are rigorously tested. Their built-in circuitry protects your device from overcharging and overheating. These USB-C to Lightning cables come with Scosche’s limited lifetime warranty.


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  1. 2-in-1 USB-C®/Lightning® Cable

    StrikeLine™ HH

    2-in-1 USB-C®/Lightning® Cable
    As low as $39.99
  2. StrikeLine™ HD Premium-White

    StrikeLine™ HD Premium

    Heavy-Duty USB-C® to Lightning® Cable
    As low as $29.99
  3. 1ft Strikeline MFi Certified Premium Charge & Sync Braided Cable

    Strikeline MFi Certified Premium Charge & Sync Braided Cable

    1ft Strikeline MFi Certified Premium Charge & Sync Braided Cable
    As low as $14.99 Regular Price $19.99
  4. Lightning Cable

    StrikeLine™ Premium

    Braided USB-C to Lightning Charge & Sync Cable
    As low as $14.99 Regular Price $22.99
  5. Braided USB-C to Lightning 1ft, 4ft, or 8ft Cable

    Strikeline Premium

    Braided USB-C® to Lightning® Charge & Sync Cable
    As low as $14.99 Regular Price $22.99