Modular Charging System

BaseLynx is a customizable, modular system to organize, charge, display and store your portable electronic devices.


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Get Organized!

BaseLynx helps you to organize and quickly charge all of your devices, including: smartphones, Apple® Watches, Apple AirPods®, tablets, portable gaming systems and more. Once the modules are connected to each other your BaseLynx system is powered by just one power cable, so you eliminate the mess of tangled cables and use only one power outlet.

With BaseLynx in your life you’ll always be able to find your devices charged and ready to go. Think of it as a little island of order in what can sometimes be a messy world. No more "Did you see my phone?" Or, "Where did I leave my iPad®?"

Where Will You Use BaseLynx?

The simple answer is everywhere!

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Of course it’s invaluable at home, but BaseLynx also shines in the office, a conference room, a classroom, a dorm room, a gym, a hotel or Airbnb, an RV, or really anywhere you have electronic devices, a power supply and people.

Whether you live alone, or are part of a family, an extended family, an urban family, or have (messy) roommates, BaseLynx will soon become an essential part of your life. It’s designed to look sleek and blend into any environment at home, say on a dresser, kitchen counter, or hall table, or in a professional setting. We’ve found it to be especially helpful in reducing distractions – by having a central place for people to “park” their phones during meetings.

Patent No. D938,351

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Single Power Source

With its single AC power cable powering your system, BaseLynx takes only one power outlet and eliminates the tangle of wires gathering dust that can usually be found at charging spots.


Qi-certified Wireless Charging

All Scosche wireless chargers are Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and have advanced safety features such as Foreign Object Detection (FOD). FOD automatically prevents charging if something other than a Qi-enabled device is placed on the charging surface.


Power Delivery

The Vert Charging Station and the Dual-port Charging EndCap both feature 18W USB-C Power Delivery outlets, as well as 12W USB-A charging ports. Power Delivery charges devices up to 3X faster than a regular charger, so your devices will be charged and ready to go whenever you are. Power Delivery uses adaptive power, which automatically adjusts to each device, so it is safe to use with all of your phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

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BYOB – Build Your Own BaseLynx

Simply pick which modules (shown below) you need, how many of each you need for your devices and then connect them in your preferred order. You can always add more modules or rearrange them whenever you choose. You can also use each of the modules, except for the Power Charger EndCap, as a standalone item.

So you might choose to put a Watch Charger and Charging Pad on your nightstand, and a combination of Charging Pads, a Vert Charging Station, and a Power Charger EndCap on your kitchen counter. In the office you might need one vert, and three charging pads to accommodate everyone’s devices. You decide what, where, and how you use your BaseLynx.

Here are the available BaseLynx Modules.

Watch This Space as we’ll be adding new modules.

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Wireless Charging Pad

The Qi-certified wireless Charging Pad will quickly and safely charge all of your Qi-enabled phones including iPhones (8 and later) and Samsung Galaxy (9 and later). It charges at up to 10W but is safe to use with lower power phones including iPhones (7.5W) and Galaxy (9W). Simply place your phone on the surface to begin wireless charging.

You can also charge your Wireless Charging Case for Apple AirPods on the BaseLynx Charging Pad. Just place the case with the AirPods inside over the charging coil and look for the charging indicator on the case to light up.

Baselynx wireless charging pad

Watch Charger For Apple Watch

This charger designed exclusively for Apple Watches features a built-in genuine MFi-certified Apple Magnetic Charger that works with all Apple Watch models.

The charger can be used flat – just lay your Watch down with the band open. Or, if you prefer, flip up the charging element and place your Watch on its side where it will charge and display in Nightstand Mode.


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Baselynx apple watch charging

Vert Charging Station

Use the Vert Charging Station to organize and charge up to three devices at once, including smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems.

The Vert has three charging ports: one 18W USB-C Power Delivery, and two 12W USB-A. You can use your own charging cables, or we recommend our 1ft. braided cables available in USB-C to Lightning® and USB-A to Lightning. And, as mentioned above, Power Delivery charges your devices up to 3X faster and will fast charge an iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes.


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Baselynx vertical stand

Dual Port Charging EndCap – with Power Delivery

You can add two additional charging ports to your BaseLynx system with this Charging EndCap that has: one 18W USB-C Power Delivery, and one 12W USB-A port. Power Delivery charges your device up to 3X faster than a regular charger.

This is the only component of the BaseLynx System that is not a standalone item and so does not have its own power source. Connect it to any of the other modules and Voila! You have more charging ports.

Baselynx vertical stand

BaseLynx Black


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BaseLynx White


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BaseLynx Modular System FAQs

Q. How many BaseLynx modules can I link using one power source?

A. Each BaseLynx module has a Points value, i.e. Apple Watch® = 1 Point; Wireless Charging Pad = 2 Points; Powered EndCap = 3 points; and Vert Charging Station = 5 points. 

Use one power cable/power source per 15 Points. So as long as your connected modules total 15 points or less, you’re good. If you want to use more than 15 points-worth of modules, simply start another grouping with another cable. Note: each BaseLynx Module (excluding the Powered EndCap) comes with a 5ft. AC Power Cable.

Q. Will the BaseLynx Vert charging station hold my 15” laptop?

A. Yes, the Vert is designed to hold phones, tablets, laptops, Nintendo Switch®, etc.

Q. I don’t know if my phone is Power Delivery compatible, can I still use BaseLynx?

A. Yes, Power Delivery is universal which means it adapts the amount of power and speed of delivery to each individual device. It also means it will work with your current and future devices. The BaseLynx also has regular (non-power delivery) 12V USB-A ports.

Q. Does the BaseLynx wireless charging pad only charge iPhones?

A. The charging pad will charge any Qi-enabled phones including iPhones, Samsung, Google and others.

Q. Does BaseLynx Pad wirelessly charge Apple AirPods®?

A. Yes, if you have the new wireless charging airpod case, you simply put the AirPods in their case and lay the case on the wireless charging pad. Check for the charging light on the AirPods case to confirm you are centered over the charging coil.