Find the Best Bike Phone Mount for You

Find the Best Bike Phone Mount for You

For a lot of cyclists, your phone is an integral part of the cycling lifestyle. You might use it to track your miles, find bike safe routes or make some extra money delivering. To get the most out of your phone and use it safely when you’re out for a ride, a bike phone mount can be an important part of your essential cycling gear.

Obviously, though, if you’re going to clip an expensive device like a phone to your bike, you don’t want a mount that’s some flimsy little piece of plastic. You want a ruggedly built bike phone mount that will keep your phone securely attached, and maybe one that will protect it from bad weather while you’re at it.

Scosche is the #1 brand for tough, stylish phone mounts, and that applies to our offerings for our bike-riding friends, too! Take a look at six of the best bike phone mounts that are sure to get your wheels spinning. 

1. Best All-Around Bike Phone Mount: MagicMount™ Bike

The MagicMount™ Bike is an all-around performer that earns its status as the best bike mount for most riders. It’s a magnetic phone mount with an ingeniously streamlined and user-friendly design that leaves riders free to concentrate on the road and the fun of riding. 

The concept is simple: Just clamp the cradle-free MagicMount™ Bike onto your handlebars and then attach your phone to the magnetic surface. Phone-safe neodymium magnets and durable elastic bands create an extremely powerful hold that keeps your phone securely in place, but allows you to easily remove it when you need to. 

TIP: Do you enjoy your two-wheeled fun with a little more horsepower? Be sure to check out our MagicMount™️ Handlebar for motorcycles!

Bike Phone Mount isolatedBike Phone Mount isolated

2. Best Budget Bike Phone Mount: HandleIt™

If you’re looking for a simple and practical bike phone mount at the right price, the HandleIt™ is an outstanding choice. Cyclists everywhere swear by its reliable performance that’s ideal for everyday riding situations, and its adjustable design means it’s compatible with almost all current makes and models of phone.

The HandleIt’s simple clamp design means that installation is tool-free and usually takes under a minute. Just attach the clamp directly to your bike handlebars, adjust the cradle width to hold your phone and you’re ready to ride! A built-in swivel makes it easy to rotate and adjust as needed so you can always see your screen. 

3. Best Smart Watch Mount: HandleIt™ Watch 

Smart watches are an essential part of many people’s mobile lifestyles, and cyclists in particular find them useful for applications like tracking their rides. Unfortunately, it can be tough to safely access your watch’s functions while you’re riding, which is why a lot of cyclists use smart watch mounts like the HandleIt™ Watch

It’s easy to securely snap your smart watch into the HandleIt’s rugged silicone body, which is designed for compatibility with all of today’s major smart watch manufacturers. A pair of included cable ties holds the HandleIt firmly onto your bars, so just pop your smart watch in and enjoy your adventure! 

Find the Perfect Bike Phone Mount for Your Ride

4. Most Versatile Bike Phone Mount: HandleBar Mount

The HandleBar Mount is one of our most versatile bike phone mounts, and it’s packed with features that will keep your phone safe throughout your everyday commute or recreational riding time. It’s extremely simple to install, and its combination of an adjustable cradle and rugged elastic bands holds your phone safely even through bumpy road conditions. Plus, it’s compatible with a huge range of modern phone models.

Mounted GPSMounted GPS

5. Best Water-Resistant Bike Phone Mount: HandleIt Pro™

Need a bike mount that helps protect your phone from weather? The HandleIt Pro™ is a great choice. The Pro’s weather-resistant case clips easily onto your bike handlebars and zips up to provide essential protection against light rain, dust, debris and other road conditions. On top of that, with its integrated two-in-one design and 360-degree swivel, it’s a snap to mount both your phone and an action camera on your bike! 

6. Best Heavy Duty Bike Phone Mount: HandleIt Pro H2O™

There’s always the risk of a sudden rainstorm (or even a snowstorm) coming to disrupt your best laid plans when you’re out for a ride. The HandleIt Pro H20™ is one of our most rugged bike mounts, designed to the IP67 waterproof standard to protect your phone against nature’s worst — while maintaining your ability to fully use the touchscreen. If you anticipate riding in seriously gross conditions, the Pro H20 will make sure nothing’s standing in your way.

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