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Do You Know Your State’s Distracted Driving Laws?

Do You Know Your State’s Distracted Driving Laws?

By Lyn Slater

Don’t Get A Ticket, Get a Phone Mount!

In some states a ticket for distracted driving costs you more than a speeding ticket. 
There’s clearly a financial incentive to drive safely and abide by distracted driving laws – such as avoiding a costly ticket that can hurt your bank account, your insurance premium, and your driving record. If you don’t know the distracted driving laws in your state, I recommend you check this website which tracks and regularly updates, all the states that have distracted driving laws. 
With the advent of sophisticated but simple to use smartphones and voice assistants, there’s really no excuse to not keep your hands off your phone while you drive. Aside from the ease of using voice commands for practically everything, the only safe and responsible way to drive is with both hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. By installing and consistently using a reliable phone mount every time you drive you’ll save yourself from a ticket or worse. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) reported that 9% of fatal crashes in 2017 were reported as distraction-affected.
Even if you don’t realize it, you’re an influencer. If you have children or teenagers, your habit of always using a phone mount will quietly influence them to be safer drivers too. According to auto industry statistics, in the U.S. 43 percent of first-year drivers and 37 percent of second-year drivers are involved in car crashes. Just as you taught them to always fasten their seatbelt, so that it’s an unconscious habit, show them by example that phones are off-limits while driving. It could save their life.
Make it easy for everyone in your circle of family and friends to drive safely by installing a secure and easy to use phone mount in every vehicle you have. Scosche has a wide variety of in-vehicle phone mounts from magnetic or universal grip to wireless chargingmodels. It takes one hand to mount or remove your phone from our mounts, so just pick your favorite and use it, every trip, no excuses, no regrets.


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