What Is MagSafe®? Everything You Need to Know

What Is MagSafe®? Everything You Need to Know

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Phone brands are constantly improving their phones with fresh tech each year, and one of the latest innovations is Apple’s MagSafe. You see this word popping up everywhere, and that’s because it’s become an Apple fan favorite. Funny enough, however, it’s been around for longer than most people realize. Initially created for magnetic snap-in-place charging cords on the 2006 MacBook, MagSafe was added to the iPhone 12 series, allowing compatible and functional accessories and charging devices to magnetically attach to the phone. 

But what exactly is Apple’s new MagSafe feature and how does it work? Let’s explore this safe magnetic technology and all it has to offer.

What Is MagSafe?

MagSafe iPhones, phone cases and accessories are designed with Apple’s proprietary wireless power transfer, made up of an interior unit of shielded magnets and charging coils. Different to their 2006v laptop charger, Apple’s newest MagSafe products were first released in 2020 with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. MagSafe successfully integrates an all-in-one wireless charging and mounting system for use with all sorts of magnetic accessories. 

MagSafe only works with MagSafe-compatible accessories, not just any magnet. It features a circle of small magnets, which perfectly align to snap onto a MagSafe-compatible accessory (like wireless chargers and card wallets). It will not attach to non-MagSafe-compatible magnets.

So now that you have an understanding of MagSafe, what makes it so convenient?

Shop Convenient MagSafe Mounts for Your iPhone

The Convenience of MagSafe Chargers and Accessories

mounted phonemounted phone

Apple’s MagSafe feature has a lot to love. Here are a few ways that MagSafe can improve your everyday life. With the MagSafe iPhone feature and MagSafe-compatible chargers, you don’t have to futz around with a mess of cables. Simply snap your iPhone into place on the charger and charging begins. Many Scosche MagSafe-compatible wireless chargers securely hold your iPhone so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off a table and let you view it and use it hands-free while you drive.

Another advantage of the new MagSafe ring design is that the circle of magnets holds the phone in close connection with the wireless charger to increase the charging rate, charging your iPhone up to twice as fast. With a MagSafe-compatible Qi-enabled wireless charger, your phone can reach 15 watts compared to other wireless chargers that only charge at up to 7.5 watts of power. 

With these conveniences, still keep in mind that you must also choose MagSafe-compatible phone cases and accessories. What makes a phone case MagSafe compatible? Essentially, the type of case material and the thickness of the layer between the phone and the MagSafe charger. For example, Apple states that you need a phone case that is two millimeters thick to work properly with MagSafe accessories, so verify that your phone case is not too thick to work. 

Upgrade Your MagSafe Experience with MagicMount

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Make the most of your iPhone’s MagSafe feature. Choose MagSafe car mounts, Qi-enabled wireless chargers and MagSafe-compatible iPhone accessories to upgrade the experience. 

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At Scosche, we have MagSafe-compatible and Made for MagSafe car mounts designed to attach to everything, from a window, dashboard, Vent and even to the handlebars of bikes. Using a secure phone mount allows you to view your phone, use it hands-free and be able to drive safely and with less distraction. 

Be sure to explore our multi-award-winning MagicMount™ accessories, made for MagSafe devices. Choose MagicMount products, like our suction-cup style Window/Dash car phone holder that holds a MagSafe charging puck. We also offer MagicMount phone stands for your desk or table, creating a hands-free iPhone wireless charging stand to keep your surface area free from cables. MagicMounts also secure other Apple and Android electronics like tablets. 

Find the Perfect MagSafe-Compatible iPhone Accessories from Scosche

Ready to enhance your iPhone experience and make the most out of its MagSafe technology? Explore Scosche MagSafe products today! Ready to try out your new MagSafe charger or accessory at home? Apple explains how to charge an iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 wirelessly with a MagSafe charger. Have an Android phone or older iPhone model? No problem. Just use the MagicPlate® included with every MagicMount mount that secures to the back of any phone. 

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