Why Is My Phone Charging So Slow? Six Possible Reasons

Why Is My Phone Charging So Slow? Six Possible Reasons

We are tethered to our phones, figuratively and sometimes literally. And we need them to stay charged to make our lives run smoothly and stay connected. But what happens when your phone is slow to charge, taking hours upon hours? Or worse — it doesn’t charge at all! 

But why is your phone taking forever to charge? Here are six reasons why your phone charging is so slow and some tips on what to do about it.

#1 You Could Have Faulty Ports and Frayed Cables

broken phone charging wirebroken phone charging wire

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Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to examine the port, removing any particles like lint and dust and checking for any corrosion. Take caution when cleaning this area. Never blow into it or use a compressed air can as it could force the debris inwards, causing damage. Instead, try using a small, soft brush or toothpick. 

If the port appears clean, the cable could be to blame. Your cable takes a beating, trampled and rolled over and folded up quickly to be shoved to the bottom of a backpack. So it’s no wonder it’s one of the main causes for a slow charging phone. Frayed edges and kinks are clear signs of wear and tear, but there could also be internal damage, even if it’s not apparent. That said, you can easily replace the cable with a durable braided cable that supports super-fast charging when used with a Power Delivery charger. 

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#2 You Are Connecting to a Weak Power Source

Your phone might be charging slowly due to a weak power source. Older power adapters and even your laptop’s USB are no match for a newer adapter and a straight wall connection. But you can upgrade to a fast-charging adapter. 

Unfortunately, a weak power source is also one of the downsides to wireless charging. However, a Qi wireless charger combined with a MagSafe® Apple iPhone can give your wireless charging an extra boost. 

#3 You Have Apps Running in the Background

Apps might be doing more behind the scenes running in the background, even when they’re not actively in use. But there is a way to see what’s eating away at your battery while it’s charging or any other time. To check the battery usage within iOS and Android, go to the Settings app. From there, you may even find a notification like “Apps running normally” or, if not, it will suggest actions you can take. 

For an iPhone, you can even toggle between Last 24 Hours and Last 7 Days to see what’s consuming your battery life the most. Click on the icons to determine how much time each app occupies (both on-screen and in the background). Default apps are generally not a concern. It’s battery-hogging apps like social media and online gaming that are a greater concern. 

#4 The Battery Is on Its Last Leg

Another reason your phone might be charging slowly is simply due to old age. Even if your phone still looks great after a few years, the Lithium-Ion battery inside might have aged due to heavy usage or excessive heat. Luckily, you can swap out the battery via the removable back or take it to a repair shop to give it some new life.  

#5 The Phone’s Memory and Software Is Outdated

Battery aside, your phone’s memory can go, too. From software compatibility issues to app updates, these things can bog down an older phone, making it slow to charge. If your phone is reaching three years old or more, it’s time to upgrade to something with fast charging capabilities and a new processor that will react to your every command lickity-split.  

#6 You’re Using Your Phone While It Charges

using smartphoneusing smartphone

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It kind of comes down to common sense: When you use your phone as it’s charging, you should expect that the charge is being partially redirected, taking longer to reach a full battery. A quick message is okay. More likely, it’s in-use Facebook and messenger apps and video streaming drawing power. Besides, using your phone while charging comes with its own problems. So do your phone a favor and let it charge without interference. 

Need a Boost?

Scosche offers some tips on how to make your phone charge faster. But we also offer Power Delivery fast chargers. Check out our PowerVolt™ Fast charger, featuring an 18W USB-C port Power Delivery 3.0 and a 12W USB-A for charging a second phone accessory. The PowerVolt even offers overcharge protection in case you forget you left your phone to charge. 

Weak power sources and faulty cables and ports should be replaced as needed. Don’t try to get by with a frayed cable, either, as this could cause electrocution. Instead, invest in a quality charger and premium cable from a reputable brand like Scosche. 

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