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The International CES® is the ultimate platform for innovation, and Scosche embraces and epitomizes innovation in everything we design, perfect and deliver.

We’re very proud to present to you our latest consumer technology products for your vehicle, home, office and for the great outdoors. We hope you enjoy this 2022 preview of Scosche Accessories For Life!

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MagicMount Pro Charge5, MagicMount MagSafe & MagicMount MSC

Innovative New Phone Mounts, Including Wireless Charging

wireles charging mount

Magnetic Wireless Charging Mount

MagicMount Pro Charge5 mounts are designed to hold and wirelessly charge all MagSafe® and Qi-enabled iPhones. They will Fast Charge MagSafe Iphones 12 and later and also Qi-enabled phones. Powerful Neodymium magnets are strategically placed inside the mount head to hold all phones from a Mini to a Pro Max. The circle of MagSafe compatible magnets line up to provide a strong hold and fast wireless charge at up to 15W, depending upon the device. A 360° adjustable head allows for portrait or landscape phone views. Each Charge5 mount comes with a car adapter that charges the mount and has a bonus 20W USB-C charging port to quickly charge a second device.

Mount for Magsafe phones

Magnetic MagSafe Compatible Mount

MagicMount Pro MagSafe Compatible magnetic phone mounts feature a circle of built-in Neodymium magnets that align perfectly with the Apple MagSafe system of magnets found in iPhone 12 and later models. This enables a quick and easy attachment between the phone and the mount.

MagicMount Pro MagSafe ompatible mounts will also securely hold MagSafe cases and holds and Qi-enabled iPhone 8-11 and Android phones using the included Scosche MagicPlate®. The 360° adjustable head accommodates portrait or landscape phone views and is perfectly balanced to hold phones of all sizes from a mini to a Pro Max.

Mount for magsafe pod

Magnetic MagSafe Compatible Mount

MagicMount MSC mounts have powerful Neodymium magnets built in to securely hold an Apple MagSafe Charger (not included), along with an Apple iPhone 12 or later, for safe and convenient hands-free use and charging while you drive. The mount head is perfectly engineered, shaped and balanced to cradle a MagSafe charger and adjusts 360° to allow for portrait or landscape phone viewing. Each MagicMount MSC comes with a 20W USB-C car adapter.

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Universal charging mount

Universal Wireless Charging Mount

Universal Wireless Charging Phone Mounts offer fast wireless charging, combined with the convenience of a Universal-style mount. This new range of universal mounts offer Qi-certified wireless fast charging up to 15W (depending upon the phone). They feature 360° adjustable mount heads to allow for portrait or landscape viewing and include a power adapter to power the charging mount and provide a bonus 20W USB-C Power Delivery port to charge a second device. An LED power indicator light is strategically placed on the front of the mount’s “feet” for instant verification that the mount is charging the phone.

Power Delivery Chargers and Power Banks
for in-Vehicle, Home, Office and Travel

Mini Home Charger

The PowerVolt PD30 Mini Home Charger is a tiny but powerful home/office charger that harnesses the power of USB-C Power Delivery. This diminutive cube charges most phones up to 4X faster than a standard charger and will also charge tablets, cameras, and even small laptops. It fits easily into any power outlet or power strip and comes in a choice of black or white to suit any decor. It features Programmable Power Supply (PPS), the latest Power Delivery specification from the USB Implementers Forum, that delivers a faster and cooler charge cycle, which is safer for device batteries.

iMore“With these new Power Delivery products from SCOSCHE, you'll be able to charge up all of your favorite devices in no time at all, no matter where you are.”

mini charger

Power Delivery Hub

The 4-Port Power Delivery Hub is perfect for charging multiple devices, and at different power levels. With a total charging power of 72W divided between four charging ports, this hub adapts to the needs of each device. The 60W USB-C Power Delivery charging section consists of three USB C ports. The 60W is shared between the three ports: with one device plugged in, it accesses up to 60W. Connect devices to two ports and each will have 30W available. With three devices connected, each will have 20W available.

In addition to the 60W Power Delivery charging section, the hub provides a 12W USB-A charging port to charge a phone or small device. Available in a choice of black or white, to suit any environment, the Hub features a StickGrip base to hold it in place on a desk, kitchen counter, workshop bench, or in the many places it will be useful.

multi port charger

Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger

This compact PowerVolt 30W Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger is the CES Innovations award-winning ultimate travel accessory and packs a punch of power. It plugs into a vehicle’s 12V DC outlet, or into a 110 AC wall outlet and delivers a massive 30W of USB-C Power Delivery to quickly charge a phone, tablet, laptop, camera, portable gaming system and more.

Measuring just 68 x 68 x 23 mm, with folding prongs and a fold-out car adapter, it slips easily into a pocket or purse. The fold-out car charger plugs into a vehicle’s 12V outlet to charge devices on the road. It can then be unplugged from the car and the fold-out prongs plug into a regular AC outlet at a home, office, AirBnB, RV or hotel. A true “Travel Charger” the PowerVolt 30PD works from 100-240V so it can be used worldwide.

Gizmodo“... if your travels are primarily road trips, Scosche’s new AC-DC travel charger looks like a near-perfect option, allowing tablets and laptops to be charged from a vehicle’s power outlet. If you travel with kids, you might want to jump on this one.”

30W Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger

Portable Power Bank

The GoBat10K - Portable Power Bank has a 10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery to keep multiple portable devices powered up on-the-go. It features two charging ports: a 20W USB-C and a 12W USB-A and comes with an 11.8” USB-C to USB-C charging cable. The power bank can be quickly recharged using the USB-C input/output and a sequenced LED battery indicator light reliably shows how much power is left. GoBat 10K is perfect for travel or to keep at home in case of power outages.

portable charger


MagSafe Compatible Waterproof Wireless Speakers

portable speaker

Compact Portable Speaker

Perfectly compact and convenient and delivering a big clear sound, the BoomCan MS Portable Speaker attaches magnetically to MagSafe iPhone 12 and later phones using the circle of magnets built into phones and cases. It also easily attaches to non-MagSafe phones by attaching a MagicPlate (included) to the back of the phone.

Featuring the latest Bluetooth® Version 5.0 technology for quick and consistent connection and low latency, the BoomCan MS delivers a surprisingly rich and powerful sound from a small speaker. It will stream music directly from the phone, or facilitate clear and convenient hands-free phone calls. You can achieve a true wireless stereo sound by pairing two BoomCan MS speakers.

With up to five hours of playtime per charge, it recharges quickly, approximately 1.5 hours from zero to fully charged, and comes with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. When attached to a phone, the BoomCan MS also works as a handy kickstand for watching, and of course hearing, movies and more. BoomCanMS is rated IPX7 - waterproof and is available in a choice of black or white.

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portble speaker

Magnetic Portable Speaker

Scosche’s award-winning BoomBottle® Magnetic Portable Speaker now comes in a MagSafe compatible version. Featuring a circle of Neodymium magnets on the top that align with, and securely hold, MagSafe-equipped iPhones 12 and later and MagSafe cases, it also holds all other phones (when equipped with the included MagicPlate) to stream music directly from the phone and for crystal clear hands-free phone calls. Powerful magnets in the base of the BoomBottle MS secure the speaker to metal surfaces.

Two passive subwoofers and two 10W speakers drive the BoomBottle’s impressive bass and crisp highs. It sounds great either indoors or outdoors thanks to an audio equalizer that automatically adjusts to the environment for optimum sound quality. It’s simple to pair two BoomBottle MS speakers to deliver a true wireless stereo sound. Rated IPX7- waterproof and featuring a built-in stainless steel bottle opener, it’s built to take the party anywhere. BoomBottle MS comes with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable to recharge it’s Lithium-Ion battery, and an LED battery indicator light displays the charge level.

MacWorld"CES 2022: The coolest gadgets for your iPhone and Mac. Smartphone accessory maker Scosche has unveiled a pair of unique speakers that take advantage of Apple’s MagSafe mechanism for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.”

MagSafe Compatible Wireless Charging Solutions
and Premium Charging Cables

Wireless Stand for MagSafe Charger

The BaseLynx MS - Wireless Stand for MagSafe Charger is the latest addition to the BaseLynx System. BaseLynx is a patented modular charging system that lets the user choose, configure and connect the modules that best meet their charging and organizational needs. The set up can be reconfigured as required and is powered by just one cable. This Wireless Stand for MagSafe can also be used as a standalone charger and comes with its own power cable.

This wireless stand holds a MagSafe charger (not included) and holds an Apple iPhone 12 and later in either a vertical viewing position, or the top of the stand bends at a 90-degree angle to accommodate horizontal charging. The stand also holds an Apple AirPods® Wireless Charging Case while it charges on the MagSafe charger. The cable from the MagSafe charger can be threaded down through a channel in the stand for a clean, integrated look.

 charger for iphone magsafe

MagSafe Compatible Charging Puck

The Scosche MagSafe Compatible Charging Puck wirelessly charges Apple iPhones 12 and later at up to 7.5W and also charges Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Cases. It has a captive 1.5 m USB-C charging cable and comes in a choice of black or white. The size and shape of this charger, as well as the color options, allow it to integrate seamlessly with the Scosche MagicMount MSC line of mounts.

Right Angle Charge and Sync Braided Cables

StrikeLine Right Angle Charge and Sync Braided Cables are built from premium materials including aluminum housings, mylar shield, and fiber core. Their braided nylon jacket provides flexibility, strength and tangle-free durability. They have a right-angle connection that is perfect for working in a tight space, gaming on a phone, or for someone who simply prefers the clean look of a low-profile connection, In addition, the right angle connection reduces strain on the cable. Scosche performs weighted bend-testing on their cables that exceed industry standards and requirements and they're covered by Scosche’s limited lifetime warranty. These right-angle cables are available in the following options:

  • USB-C to Right-Angle USB-C (in Black or white) in 4 ft, 6 ft, and 10 ft. lengths.
  • USB-C to Right-Angle Lightning (in Space Gray or Silver) in 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft. lengths.

Heavy Duty Braided Cables

StrikeLine Heavy Duty Braided Cables are part of the Scosche Premium Charge and Sync cable family are built from premium materials including aluminum housings, mylar shield, and fiber core. Their braided nylon jacket provides flexibility, strength and tangle-free durability. They feature reinforced and extended housings that provide extra strain relief at the crucial point of bending/twisting. Scosche performs weighted bend-testing on their cables that exceed industry standards and requirements and they're covered by Scosche’s limited lifetime warranty. These right-angle cables are available in the following options:

  • USB-C to USB-C - Available in Black or White/Gray in 4 ft. and 10 ft. lengths.
  • USB-C to Lightning - Available inSpace Gray or Silver in 4 ft. and 10 ft. lengths.
  • USB-A to USB-C - Available in Black or White/Gray in 4 ft. and 10 ft. lengths.
  • USB-A to Lightning - Available in Space Gray or Silvery in 4 ft. and 10 ft. lengths.

Extension Cables

USB-C to USB-C 6 ft. Extension Cables effortlessly add another 6 ft. of reach to make charging portable devices easier and more convenient. They work with phones, MagSafe chargers, tablets, cameras and more and are covered by Scosche’s three year warranty

Smart Dash Camera and Direct-Fit Mounts

Dash Camera

Dash Cam

The NEXG10032 Full HD Smart Dash Cam - Powered by Nexar® works with iOS or Android devices. It records and captures significant driving events and saves them to the free Nexar Cloud storage. It starts automatically when driving begins and users receive free 24/7 Nexar App live support. The NEXG1 can automatically generate an insurance report in the event of an accident and can remind you where you parked your car.

The NEXG1 is a forward-facing Full HD 1080P, with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth LE Version 5.0 and is GPS enabled. It comes with a 32GB SD card and can support up to 256GB capacity.

ProClip Direct-Fit Phone Mounts

Direct-Fit Phone Mounts

Scosche’s ProClip Direct-Fit Phone Mounts are custom fit to the exact year, make and model of a vehicle. They snap into the seams of the dashboard, providing a secure fit with no drilling or professional installation needed. They provide a sturdy mounting platform for a choice of Scosche mount heads, including: Universal, Magnetic, XL, and wireless charging. A 20W USB-C Power Delivery Car Adapter is included with each of the wireless charging mounts.

New ProClip Direct-Fit mount options being added for 2022, to an already extensive list of vehicle models, include:

  • Ford F-150 2021-22
  • Ford Bronco 2021/22
  • Chevrolet Corvette 2019
  • Chevrolet Camaro 2016+
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2019+
  • Honda: Passport 2019-2022, Pilot 2016-2022, Ridgeline 2016-2022
  • Subaru: Forester 2019-2022, Impreza 2017-2022, XV/Crosstrek 2018-2022