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A connected car means smarter, safer driving. It should be an essential element in every trip we take. For Scosche, it began years ago with the MagicMount system of magnetic mounts which allow drivers to mount and use their mobile devices in a smarter, safer way. The goal of smarter, safer driving continues today with our new array of SAFETECH technologies, products designed to capture and display essential information aiding us in driving smarter and more safely; products designed to provide smarter and safer means of handling common vehicle difficulties like dead batteries and breakdowns. From cameras to OBD interfaces, hot spots, to multi-function battery jumpers, heads-up displays and more, we continue to offer a range of innovative solutions to make each journey as safe as possible. And more are on the way!

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  1. PowerUp 600 Torch
    PowerUp 600 Torch
    600 Amp Jump Starter / Powerbank / Flashlight
  2. 150W Portable Inverter
    InVert 150
    150W Portable Inverter
  3. 150W Portable Power Inverter
    InVert 150
    150W Portable Power Inverter
    Out of stock
  4. Dual 12V Adapter with Dual 12W USB Charger
    DoubleUp Dual 12V Adapter
    Dual 12V Adapter/12W USB Charger
  5. Camera
    2-way Full HD DVR System with 16GB SD Card
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $89.99
  6. HUDSP
    Smartphone Display for HUD, Navigation and Other Apps
    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $24.99
  7. DDVR2
    1080p HD DVR Dash Cam
  8. PowerUp 300
    PowerUp 300
    Portable and Compact Jump Starter for Cars/ USB Power Bank with LED Flashlight
  9. Jump Starter
    PowerUp 700
    700A Portable Car Jump Starter/USB Power Bank and LED Flashlight
    Out of stock
  10. Dash Cam
    720p HD DVR Dash Cam
  11. Front view of dash camera
    HD DVR Dash Cam
    Special Price $19.99 Regular Price $34.99
  12. Backup Camera
    OBDII BackUp Cam
    Plug 'N Play Backup Camera w/4.3" Display
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $74.99