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  1.  Quick Charge Home Charger
    ReVolt™ QC
    Quick Charge™ 18 Watt Wall Charger
  2. 12W Single USB Port Portable Wall Charger Adapter for ALL USB Devices – White
    12W USB Compact Home Charger
  3. Modular Charging Station with Wireless Charging Pad and Vert Charging Station
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad & Vert
    BaseLynx Pad+Vert Kit
    Sale $69.98 Regular Price $99.98
  4. Black  Qi-enabled smartphone or Wireless Charging Pad
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad
    Modular Qi Black Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad
  5. Black  Vert Charging Station for smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems
    BaseLynx™ Vert Charging Station
    Black Modular Charging Station with Vertical Slots for Mobile Devices
    Sale $34.99 Regular Price $49.99
  6. Black  Endcap Dual-port Charger
    BaseLynx™ Dual-Port EndCap
    Modular Charging EndCap with Power Delivery
    Sale $27.99 Regular Price $39.99
  7. Headphone Adapter
    StrikeLine™ Adapter
    Audio Adapter with Charge Port for USB-C Devices
  8. headphone adapter and charge port for USB-C devices
    StrikeLine™ Adapter
    Audio Adapter with Charge Port for USB-C Devices
  9. Mount
    stuckUP™ Universal
    4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit
  10. 0263CPDCC60-SP
    PowerVolt™ PD60
    Dual-Port USB-C® Car Charger
  11. Dual USB-C Charger for Cars
    PowerVolt™ PD40
    Dual-Port USB-C® Car Charger
  12. USB-C Charger for Cars with Charging Cable
    PowerVolt™ Power Delivery Bundle
    USB-C / USB-A Fast Charger for Cars & Lightning Cable
    Sale $29.99 Regular Price $44.99
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