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  1. Vent/Dash Phone Mount
    MagicMount™ Pro2 4-In-1 Vent/Dash
    4-in-1 MagSafe® Compatible Magnetic Phone Mount
  2.  magnetic mounting system mounting your Smartphone
    MagicMount™ Pro2 Flush Mount
    MagSafe® Compatible Magnetic Flush Mount
    Out of stock
  3. Base3 MS  & MagicMount™ MSC Phone Stand Bundle
    Base3 MS & MagicMount™ MSC Phone Stand Bundle
    Magnetic Wireless Phone Charger & Phone Stand
    $59.98 Sale $54.98
  4. 4-in-1Phone Holder Mount kit
    MagicMount™ MSC 4-in-1
    4-in-1 Mount for MagSafe® Compatible Wireless Phone Charger
  5. Universal Magnetic Phone Mount
    MagicMount™ Elite Silver
    Sale $14.99 Regular Price $34.99
  6. CD Slot Mount Kit
    MagicMount Pro 3-in-1
    Magnetic 3-In-1 Mount Kit
  7. CD Slot Magnetic Mount
    MagicMount™ CD
    Magic Mount CD Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices
  8. Qi Car Grip Dash Mount
    MagicGrip™ Dash Mount
    Auto-Grip Wireless Charging Dash Mount
  9. Device Mount
    MagicMount™ Elite
    As low as $14.99 Regular Price $34.99
  10. Universal 3-In-1 Mount Kit
    Universal 3-In-1 Mount Kit
    CD Slot Mount for Mobile Devices
    Out of stock
  11. image of phone mount with universal grip
    MagicGrip™ Vent Mount
    Auto-Grip Wireless Charging Vent Mount
  12. Dashboard Phone Mount
    MagicMount™ Pro Dash
    Magnetic Dash Mount and the MagicPlates™ compatible with the Original PopSockets® Grip