Does Using a Car Charger Damage Your Phone Battery?

Does Using a Car Charger Damage Your Phone Battery?

Car chargers are a popular way to keep your phone powered up while on the road. While the convenience of a car charger is superb, there have been stories of low-quality charging devices doing harm to the life of a phone's battery. In this article, we dive into this popular inquiry: Can a car charger damage the phone battery? 

Can a Car Charger Damage the Phone Battery?

In most cases, a car charger will not damage your phone battery. However, improper use of the charger, such as charging too frequently, can wear down a battery prematurely. Also, cheaply made chargers are not made with the same level of quality control that a reputable manufacturer would ensure. Be wary of ordering the cheapest charger on a marketplace. The phrase "You get what you pay for" applies aptly to device chargers. 

When in doubt, choose an official charging solution for the device in question. For instance, you could acquire a MagSafe car charger to ensure your Apple device is safe and secure while powering up. Not only will this guarantee compatibility, but you eliminate the risk of electrical fluctuations that harm the battery's health. 

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Are Phone Mount Chargers a Better Solution?

Another option is to utilize a phone mount that hooks onto the dashboard of your vehicle. Updated models can even charge your phone while the device is resting on the holder. Again, the key aspect to consider here is the quality of the mount you choose. When it comes to charging, you do not want to rely on a cheap connection. 

The Best Position for Your Car Mount Charger

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If you are wondering where you can place your new car charging mount, you will be happy to learn that most devices will hook directly into any of the ventilation units on your dashboard. A car vent phone holder does not get in the way of controlling the vehicle or viewing the road. This is also a tactical way to view your GPS navigation while driving to unfamiliar locations. The charging functionality ensures your screen will not go dark before you reach your destination. 

Can Using a Phone Charger Kill Your Car's Battery?

Since your phone charger utilizes the power generated by your car's own battery, there is the small possibility that your car battery would die whilst charging your phone. Luckily, this will only occur if you charge your phone while the car is idle

Driving your car will generate more than enough energy to charge your phone without stealing too many resources from the car battery. When you find yourself at home or near a power outlet in another building, it is always better to charge your phone on the wall. Should you have any issues while charging and driving, check that your alternator is working properly. 

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How Does Car Charging Affect Electric Vehicles?

Since electric vehicles do not have alternators, any power diverted to your phone is taken directly from the car’s battery. Most models reduce the charging to 5 watts to avoid frying mobile phones. This makes it safe to charge your phone with an EV, though you should keep in mind that the overall range of that charge will be slightly reduced when you utilize a phone charging solution. 

Preserving Your Batteries

Ultimately, the main factor that determines the life of a battery is how well you take care of it. In the case of your phone battery, sticking to high-quality chargers will keep your device safe. As for your car battery, be sure to only use your car charger while on the road. With a bit of mindfulness, you can maintain your batteries for many years without difficulty. 

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