How to Choose the Best Phone Mount for Your Motorcycle

How to Choose the Best Phone Mount for Your Motorcycle

Where the paper map used to reign supreme, the smartphone now dominates. No matter if you drive a car, truck or motorcycle, you probably use your phone as your main navigation tool.

In fact, this has been the case for most people for some time. As 2018 Statista data on Americans who use their cell phone for navigation shows, over 53 percent of all age groups used their device in this way in the preceding four-week period.

While different kinds of phone mounts are often discussed, a far-less frequently explored topic is how to pick out the best phone mount for motorcycle riders.

However, as the #1 Mount Brand in the U.S. and CA, we wanted to help out our motorcycle riding fans by covering the different options at their disposal and how to select the best phone mount for motorcycles and other premium motorcycle accessories.

On that note, let’s get started.

Popular Types of Motorcycle Phone Mounts

As it stands, there are a few different kinds of motorcycle phone mounts that dominate the market.

Those include:

Mounts That Clamp to Handlebars

Phone mounts that clamp to the bike’s handlebars are an extremely popular option as they are quite adept at securely affixing a phone to a motorcycle.

These are generally made of plastic, utilize an elastic material to hold the phone and are quite sturdy.

Mounts That Strap to Handlebars

Mounts that strap to a bike are quite similar to those that clamp to the handlebars. However, these use a strap to attach the phone to the bike instead of a clamp.

Shocking, right?

Generally speaking, strap mounts are more affordable but this is partially because they do not provide as much protection and are typically not as sturdy.

Center Fork Stem Mount

This type of motorcycle phone mount will attach via the bike’s fork stem hole. However, depending on the kind of motorcycle you ride, there is a chance that this area will be covered, thus disallowing you from using this style mount.

What to Look for in a Phone Mount

Before you decide which is the best phone mount for motorcycle riding, it is important to understand the qualities you should look for in such an accessory.

These elements include:

Attachment Style

This is likely going to be the biggest factor and will drive the rest of the decision-making process.

Mull over the list mentioned above again to determine which style is right for you and your bike.


Another consideration is how your bike gets used and the types of surfaces on which you typically ride. For instance, if you usually ride on asphalt-paved roads within city limits, you can probably get away with a quality silicone mount.

However, if you are looking to use your mount on a dirt bike, then you are going to need something far more stable.

Price Point

While price point shouldn’t be the final determining factor of which is the best phone mount for your motorcycle, money matters and people often have budgets to which they must adhere.

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Therefore, it is important to take the price of the mount into consideration and determine how much you are willing to spend. Additionally, if you decide to go with an inexpensive mount, you should also consider if you are willing to shell out for a new phone, should it come loose while riding.

mobile phone falls on the streetmobile phone falls on the street

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The Kind of Bike You Ride

As mentioned earlier, not all bikes will accommodate every type of phone mount. Therefore, it is important to examine your bike to determine the kind of phone mount it is capable of accepting.

That said, virtually all bikes will be able to use a clamp mount.

Choosing the Best Phone Mount for Your Motorcycle

There are a variety of factors that go into picking out the best phone accessories for your bike.

Take all of these considerations into account when shopping for a phone mount for your bike and you are likely to walk away with a quality product.

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