How to Find the Best Phone Mount for Your Needs

How to Find the Best Phone Mount for Your Needs

For most people, their phones are still their primary means of in-car navigation and entertainment. Phones are often more convenient than infotainment systems, as users are less familiar with their interface and older cars often don’t include these types of systems.

Therefore, smartphones and vehicle mounting systems still reign supreme. Ultimately, this means finding the best phone mount for your needs is an essential task.

While there is a panoply of different phone mounts on the market, not all of them are created equal. Moreover, even those that are top-tier might not suit a person’s vehicle, phone or preferences. Therefore, a bit of research is required to determine which is the best phone mount for you.

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To help make your search easier, we’ve done most of the research for you. Here is what you need to consider to find the best phone mount for your situation.

Different Types of Phone Mounts

There are lots of different mounting solutions on the market today. However, the most prevalent options include windshield mounts, dash mounts, air vent mounts and cup holder mounts. While there are other choices such as 12-volt outlet mounts, these aren’t as common.

However, do be aware that systems like the MagSafe car mount might provide users with a variety of options on how they mount their phone, thereby eliminating the need to choose just one.

To understand what the best phone mount system is for you, here are some details on each of the most popular solutions:

Windshield Phone Mounts

First, it is important to understand that most windshield and dash mounts (which will be covered next) are typically universal suction cup phone holders, which means that they can accommodate a multitude of phone models, are easy to secure and can be moved at any time.

However, the biggest drawback here is that windshield obstruction laws vary from state to state, which means you will need to check with your local laws before mounting a phone in this manner.

Additionally, because of the vibrations caused from driving, this mounting option can sometimes make reading the details on a phone screen somewhat difficult.

Dashboard Phone Mounts

Much like windshield mounts, dashboard phone mounts can be affixed via a suction cup. However, permanent mounting options are available as well.

pro charge5pro charge5

While this type of mount can easily secure to most surfaces, finding a suitable place on the dashboard might prove more difficult, depending on your vehicle’s configuration.

However, this may not be the best phone mount for you if you live somewhere with strict windshield obstruction laws. Again, it is necessary to read up on your local laws and regulations before using this kind of mount.

Air Vent Phone Mounts

Air vent mounts, while less common than the previously mentioned solutions, are relatively commonplace. This option is easy to use and makes placement convenient for the driver. Additionally, this type of mount could help to legally circumvent your local windshield obstruction laws.

However, those with vertically oriented or oddly shaped air vents could find mounting to be problematic. Additionally, depending on the type of design you purchase, it could end up impeding the airflow from the vent where it is affixed. Therefore, it is best to look for free flow designs such as those employed by Scosche’s adjustable car vent phone holder.

magnetic mountmagnetic mount

Cup Holder Mounts

Cup Holder MountCup Holder Mount

Cup holder phone mounts are incredibly secure, due to the way they sit in a vehicle’s beverage holders. Additionally, they can be extremely convenient for drivers to reach.

Depending on where your cup holder is located, the phone’s positioning might be a bit awkward (plus, you’ll be short a cup holder).

However, the biggest downside to this type of mount is the driver’s eyes look down and away from the road.

Choosing the Best Phone Mount System

So, what is the best phone mount? That is ultimately for you to decide.

The best phone mount for each person will vary depending on their phone, vehicle, local laws and general preferences. However, this guide should have provided you with enough information to make an educated purchase.

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