How to Wear Wireless Earbuds: 5 Tips for a Snug Fit

How to Wear Wireless Earbuds: 5 Tips for a Snug Fit

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Have you ever wondered how to wear wireless earbuds so that they don’t fall out all the time?

The fact is that many people are starting to prefer earbuds over more traditional options as they tend to be more convenient and portable. However, many folks face the common struggle of having them constantly pop out of their ears while chewing, talking or exercising.

thudbuds tws true wireless earbudsthudbuds tws true wireless earbuds

Worse yet, some earbuds have a habit of popping out for no explicable reason. Naturally, this can be rather frustrating and even give users a bit of a scare as USB wireless earbuds are at a greater risk for being lost than their wired counterparts.

If this struggle hits home for you, check out these tips for how to wear wireless earbuds without them falling out of your ears.

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1. Wear Them Correctly

As awkward as it may be to admit, most of us have worn our earbuds backward at some point. While all earbuds have a designated left and right bud, the marker for those designations can sometimes be small and rather hard to find.

Therefore, it is essential to figure out which earbud goes in which ear before popping them in and heading out the door.

2. Use Earbuds with Hooks

A great feature to look for in earbuds are those with a “hook.” Some true wireless earbuds come with detachable sports clips or hooks that allow the user to take them on and off as they see fit.

These are typically made from soft silicone and wrap around the back of the ear for a comfortable fit and help to keep earbuds in place.

thudbuds tws true wireless earbudsthudbuds tws true wireless earbuds

Additionally, these are less of a liability to lose than just the wireless earbud itself as they hang onto your ear and have more material to them.

3. Don’t Clean Your Ears with Cotton Swabs

There are sure to be many people who won’t like this but cleaning your ears with cotton swabs can be harmful and can contribute to your earbud frustrations.

Cleaning your ears this way can make them slippery, thereby not allowing earbuds to stay in properly.

Assuming you produce a normal amount of earwax, it should come out naturally in the shower or bath, so there is no need to use cotton swabs.

4. Pull Your Earlobes While Inserting

Since the ear canal is quite narrow, it can be helpful to pull on your earlobe as you insert your earbud to help seat them deep enough to stay in place.

Therefore, it is advisable to gently pull the back of your earlobe with one hand while you insert the earbud with the other hand. This should open your ear canal enough to get a nice, snug fit.

5. Try Out Different Earbud Tips

These days, a variety of high-quality Bluetooth earbuds come with a variety of earbud tips. These tips often come in a handful of different sizes and can sometimes even be made of different materials like silicone or foam.

However, even if the earbuds you purchase don’t come accompanied by different tips, there are a panoply of them to choose from online, all of which are relatively inexpensive.

Therefore, if your earbuds keep falling out due to an ill fit, then just hop online and find a set of various sizes so that you can find the right ones for you. Again, you might even consider looking at a different material as well.

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However, do be aware that there isn’t a universal standard on earbud nozzle size diameter. This means that you need to make sure that the tips that you buy will indeed fit your earbuds. These are just some earbud replacement shopping tips to consider.

Getting the Right Fit for You

Understanding how to wear wireless earbuds so that they won’t fall out has more ins and outs than many people realize.

Take these factors and tips into consideration when trying to get the best fit out of your wireless earbuds.

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