Will a Magnetic Car Mount Hurt My Phone?

Will a Magnetic Car Mount Hurt My Phone?

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Whether you just got the newest iPhone or you’ve had the same trust device for years, why replace it before you need to? Sure, magnetic phone mounts are convenient to have in your car, but are they bad for your phone? 

I’m Not Supposed to Put Magnets Near My Devices, Right?

Sure, if it’s a TV with rabbit ears. The idea that you can’t put a magnet near your devices stems from old school wisdom about older devices. Yes, it was bad to put a magnet near your TV or computer in years past. You could really do some damage. However, that sentiment has somehow still made its way into the modern era.

Magnets Are Perfectly Safe

In short, it’s perfectly fine to have a magnet near your devices. Sure, a really strong magnet near an older device isn’t the best for the device’s health, but where are you even getting that magnet anyway? Your device is perfectly fine around magnets. Likely, it already has a magnet or two in it.

There are plenty of magnetic devices for charging besides just a qi wireless charger you might be worried about. Plenty of smartwatches, for example, use magnets in their charging process. Your device will be fine.

So, I Have Magnets in My Device?

Yep! Magnets are actually integral to the function of your phone. Things like cameras and speakers in phones all rely on magnets to function, so a MagSafe car mount can’t hurt something that already has magnets in it. 

This is why your phone can somewhat stick to magnetic chargers without the accompanying plates or a magnetic case. It won’t be a perfect magnetization, but it will definitely be enough for you to notice it. The exception to that is some newer iPhones have MagSafe technology built into them already so they can sense other MagSafe devices and attach.

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It Won’t Do Anything to My Car Either, Right?

If it can’t hurt your phone, it can’t hurt the car. Even new vehicles filled with technological wonders like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and all sorts of other fun tech won’t be affected by magnets. You could slap a magnetic phone mount right next to your touchscreen display and nothing bad will happen. You do want to consider where you’re placing your phone mount, of course, but that’s a question of distracted driving, not magnets.

How Do Magnetic Car Mounts Work?

There are two main ways that a magnetic car mount functions. Either you attach the included metal plates or you use a magnetic phone case. Both have their pros and cons.

If you opt for the included metal plates, you don’t have to worry about what case you choose. If you like to live dangerously and go case-less, you still have that freedom. However, you may not love the look of a plate attached to the back of your phone. If that doesn’t bother you, though, problem solved.

Grab a Magnetic Phone Mount for Your Car
magicmount pro2 dashmagicmount pro2 dash

Your other option is to go for a magnetic case. You don’t have to attach anything to your phone, and you aren’t locked into the choice you made. You can remove the metal plate once you attach it. Of course, you just have to be careful. If you like to switch up your cases or only use a magnetic charger on occasion, this may be a more appealing option to you.

Magnetic car mounts are not only functional, but they can also be a safer alternative. If you have a well-placed magnetic car mount, you won’t have to take your eyes off the road for long should you need to check your phone for directions or an incoming call. 

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