Are Car Vent Mounts Bad?

Are Car Vent Mounts Bad?

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Every place you can put a phone mount in your car is going to have its pros and cons, but are any of your options bad choices? If you’re worried about installing a car vent mount, you don’t need to fret. While there are certain drawbacks, for most people, it’s perfectly fine. Want to know if it’s the right choice for you? Well, we’ve put together a few factors you should take into consideration!

Why Is it Assumed That Vent Mounts Are Bad?

The prevailing concern about car vent mounts is mainly based around your heating system. If you have your phone mounted directly in front of your vent, prolonged heat will be blowing straight into the back of your phone. Not really the best thing for electronics over the long-term. 

Pick Up a Sturdy Car Vent Phone Holder

If you have long, cold winters and you drive often, this could be a genuine concern. If that sounds like you, you want to make sure you have a car vent phone holder that positions your phone up and away from the vent to keep it cool.

As long as your phone isn’t right in front of the vent and you pick a high-quality vent phone holder that won’t damage your vent when you remove it, you’re good to go. If you’re really worried about it but still want the benefits of a vent mount, you can always use it in warmer weather and then switch to a different mount for the colder months.

Benefits of the Vent Mount

In the world of magnetic phone mounts, the vent is often a forgotten choice. While the dashboard mount is ever popular, and some people even enjoy windshield mounts, the vent mount doesn’t get enough love.

Add a Magnetic Phone Mount to Your Car Today

Vent mounts allow you to have the same easy access to your phone as other mounts but also allow a great degree of flexibility. You can put your phone in portrait or landscape and adjust the angle as necessary so the sun doesn’t glint off it and disrupt your driving.

Safety is also key. Vent mounts are uniquely positioned to be easy to see and reach without getting in your line of sight. Not only are they out of your line of sight, but they’re arguably the most minimal of all the phone mount options, so they don’t take up much visual space, nor do they get in the way.

If you often use navigation, being able to position your phone horizontally will allow you to more easily see your navigation without fumbling to scroll through your map.

Unlike often assumed, vent mounts are sturdy and hold your phone well. If you choose a high-quality vent mount, you don’t have to worry about your phone (or your vent) flopping around while you’re driving. A good vent mount keeps your phone charged and in place — even over long drives.

MagicGrip™ Vent MountMagicGrip™ Vent Mount

Mounts Are Always a Good Choice

No matter what type of mount you get for your phone, having one is always better than going without. If you need to use your phone for navigation or answering a call while you drive, it’s much safer to do so if you have your phone easily accessible and right in front of you. 

You do, however, want to make sure the vent mount you choose is compatible with your car’s vents. While the vent mounts we offer are compatible with most vents, they aren’t all universal fit, so make sure you double-check before purchase! 

As long as you have a good phone mount with a Qi wireless charger, you’re ready to hit the road with convenience and safety.

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