Do CD Slot Phone Mounts Work? 4 Tips for a Secure Fit

Do CD Slot Phone Mounts Work? 4 Tips for a Secure Fit


Of all the phone mount options in your car, CD slot mounts are likely one of the less popular choices out there. Many people don’t even know that CD slot phone mounts are an option when they’re searching for phone mounts!

CD players in cars aren’t a given anymore. In fact, automakers are going away from CD players with the advent of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, if you’ve still got that good old CD slot and a stack of CDs attached to your visor, you’re in luck! CD phone slots are some of the most convenient phone holding options out there. 

CD slot mounts rarely wobble – in fact, they’re quite sturdy. Should you find your CD slot isn’t fitting the mount perfectly, we include vent and dash mounts as a backup option.

Will a CD Slot Mount Do Damage?

Nope! While it’s a reasonable assumption to think something mounted in your CD player slot could do some damage to your audio system, they’re perfectly safe. Should you want to use your CD player for its intended purpose from time to time, your phone mount won’t impede your ability to do that. 

Find a Sturdy MagSafe Car Mount for Your Phone

Do CD Slot Mounts Get in the Way?

In the same way that an infotainment system isn’t in your field of vision, a CD slot mount won’t be in your way. CD slot mounts are great for giving you maximum visibility by being in front of the stereo, though the adjustable arm means you’ll have access to all the buttons you’ll need when driving. 

control panel of a carcontrol panel of a car


Tip 1: Check Your Compatibility

There isn’t much to installing a CD slot phone mount. It’s super easy! You do want to make sure that you select a CD phone mount that’s compatible with your phone though. While the phone mount you select will fit most phones, it may not fit all. Better safe than sorry. 

Tip 2: Adjust the Arm Properly

One of the biggest benefits of a CD mount is that you don’t have to worry about your phone blocking another essential part of your vehicle or being in your line of sight. 

A CD mount, when set properly, is out of the way of your stereo system and your eye line. If you need to make an adjustment to the volume, your phone won’t be in the way of the knob if you set it properly.

Tip 3: Make Sure You Have a Sturdy Mount

Whether you get a MagSafe car mount or just have an adjustable arm mount, make sure it can hold your phone securely. This is especially important if you have a larger, heavier phone that’s going to need something a bit more substantial to hold it in place. 

We can all agree that magnetic phone mounts are really convenient. Just make sure that your phone is MagSafe compatible! That’s probably obvious, but we figured we’d mention it just in case.

Grab a Magnetic Phone Mount to Secure Your Phone

Tip 4: Once It’s Set, Leave It Be

The beauty of CD slot phone holders is that you rarely need to worry about adjusting them. Outside of occasionally adjusting your phone to get it out of the sun’s glare, you don’t have to worry about them. There’s no adhesive to come off, and its position means you never have to move it out of the way so it doesn’t distract you.

cd slot magnetic mountcd slot magnetic mount

There’s really not a whole lot to it when it comes to CD slot cell phone mounts. Once you complete a simple installation, you’re good to go! The only time you’ll need to remove it is when you want to bring the road trip jams CD out of hibernation and enjoy some nostalgia!

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