How to Mount a GoPro: 4 Action Camera Mounting Tips

How to Mount a GoPro: 4 Action Camera Mounting Tips

Depending on your job, you might need different mounting accessories for your GoPro camera. For example, if you are on a motorcycle, you'll need a different mount than if you're on a jet ski. One of the common reasons people buy GoPro cameras is to share videos and pictures with friends online. To help with that, we have put together some helpful tips for how to mount a GoPro.

Before deciding on a mount, make sure your camera can accept it, as some mounts are designed for specific camera models. When choosing a mounting accessory for your camera, consider the type of adventures you will have. If you are riding a motorcycle, getting a mount that can handle the vibrations the motorbike is likely to give the camera is a good idea. Are you planning on mounting your camera on your helmet? If so, you will want a mount that can withstand wind resistance.

1. Mount GoPro on Head Strap

The primary function of a head strap is to keep the camera stable while capturing your activities. If you do not have a helmet, make sure you have a head strap mounted when riding. It is installed by simply sliding the strap behind the head and snapping the rear buckle onto the side of the camera. This head strap comes with quick-release buckles that allow you to easily slide out if needed.

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2. Mount GoPro on Handlebar

Handlebar MountHandlebar Mount

Handlebar mounts are perfect for mounting your camera while riding a bike or motorcycle. Since these mounts have been designed to accommodate the size and shape of handlebars, you don't have to worry about taking them off if you decide to do something else. It is a good choice for action camera mounting as it can handle bumps and jolts during your trip.

The main function of a handlebar mount is to keep your GoPro steady with its point of view stable. You can also change the angle of view if you want to. This is possible because handlebar mounts are often equipped with ball joints that allow you to rotate the camera 360 degrees. It has been designed to have non-slip rubber pads to ensure that it won't move around even when playing rough with the motorcycle.

Round Mounts

These mounts are best used as GoPro motorcycle mounts or on dirt bikes and ATVs with a round bar or tube as a mounting point. These mounts are suitable for GoPro cameras that have cases on them.

Flat Adhesive Mounts

This type of mount works well with bikes that have a flat surface of an area, like a frame or bodywork. You can get them in either standard or curved options for curved surfaces. These mounts are also suitable for extreme sports equipment as you can stick them on the helmet.

3. Mount GoPro on Chest Strap

This type is also perfect for motorcyclists and motocross. Because it is positioned lower than the neck, it's easy to capture footage while riding on bumpy roads and trails. How to mount a GoPro on the chest belt is quite simple. You just have to clip the mount into the camera housing. They are fully adjustable to fit most body types and over winter jackets.

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4. Mount GoPro on Helmet

This is the most popular GoPro mounts for cameras. A helmet mount works best with an action camera with a good video resolution and an excellent audio capture.

You install it on a helmet and have the camera facing down in front. The GoPro's LCD screen faces down your chest, so you can see what you're doing.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the head strap mount is one of the most popular mounts for GoPros. It's a standard option for many devices and seems very popular with action camera enthusiasts. The head strap mount is available in different colors and shapes. Choosing the right one will help you select the best mounts to use your GoPro camera in your daily activities. At Scosche, we have the GoPro accessories that you need.

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