Maximize Summer Adventures With Quality Travel Tech Accessories!

Maximize Summer Adventures With Quality Travel Tech Accessories!
By Lyn Slater Vacations – we plan and eagerly anticipate them, gleefully set up our out of office message, pack up our stuff, and finally, the big day arrives. You’re excited to finally be leaving for your well-deserved summer vacation but let’s face it, travel can be a little stressful. And if you’re traveling with children, or teenagers, it can be a lot more stressful. Electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets can make the journey – whether by car, bus, train or airplane – seem shorter and more enjoyable. Listening to music or podcasts, reading an eBook, or watching a movie are all great ways to entertain yourself and your traveling companions during a trip. Just don’t forget to pack the essential travel accessories you need to keep your devices charged, connected, synced and accessible during your trip. Yes, Scosche is an accessories company so we want to promote our products. But, we’re also a company of real people who travel for work and for pleasure and frequently it’s our travel experiences and issues that provide the inspiration and impetus to design our travel-friendly accessories

Change Summer Travel Forever with FlyTunes™

Let’s begin with FlyTunes our latest (and conveniently small and very useful) travel accessory that arrived just in time for vacation season. A wireless audio transmitter that you plug into a plane’s in-flight entertainment system, FlyTunes can pair with up to two sets of AirPods®, or any Bluetooth® headphones or earbuds, letting you listen to music or a movie cable-free. Our executive team thoroughly tested them during their recent business trips and gave them a big thumbs up. In addition to planes, FlyTunes plugs into any device that has an audio AUX output, such as: fitness machines, TVs, portable gaming devices, laptops, and music players. It doesn’t matter if the device is not Bluetooth enabled, as long as it has a 3.5mm earphone jack, FlyTunes will work with it.

Keep Devices Charged and Safe with ChargeCase

To protect, carry and charge your small devices on-the-go, you’ll want to get one of our new ChargeCases. With its built-in rechargeable power bank and USB cord it works with most small rechargeable devices such as AirPods, heart rate monitors, watches, and of course Scosche’s FlyTunes.

Recharge Faster with Power Delivery

It used to be such a pain to remember to pack all of the cables needed to charge and sync your various devices. Thankfully USB-C® has been adopted by most global electronics manufacturers, as the charge and sync connection of choice, which means you have to take along fewer cables. One of the huge benefits of USB-C is that it supports Power Delivery (PD), meaning that with a USB-C PD charger and cable, you can charge your depleted devices up to 3X faster than with a regular charger. So when you only have an hour between flights, or you forgot to charge your phone overnight and you have to check out of the hotel in 30 mins, you’ll be okay. We have a wide selection of cables including our StrikeLine™ USB-C to Lightning® so you can charge and sync all your Apple® devices quickly. We also have PowerVolt™ Power Delivery chargers for both home (or hotel) and vehicle. The home ones are compact and have folding prongs so are perfect for popping in your pocket, purse, or the side pocket of your carry-on bag. It’s possible that during your vacation you’ll be off the grid and out of range of any kind of power source – say out hiking, spending a day at the beach, or on a plane, so it’s wise to take along a portable power bank and avoid unnecessary range anxiety.

There's a Magnetic Mount for Every Road Trip

Taking a road trip? I love road trips! I’ve found that it’s essential to have a good car mount so that you can safely and easily use your smartphone hands-free while you drive. This is especially important if you will be driving cross country as hands-free driving laws can vary by state and even by county or city. The MagicMount family of mounts was designed to allow hands-free driving. Also, if you’re using your GPS to navigate across unfamiliar territory, it makes sense to have it in clear view where you can see and hear it easily. If you’re going to be using a rental car, you might consider a MagicMount Pro Vent. They’re quick and easy to install and remove and fit in most vehicles. At the end of the day you can slip it into your pocket and use it as a kickstand for your phone on your nightstand. If your kids (or your parents) want to watch movies on their tablets in the car, we have mounts that easily fit on the back of a headrest to securely hold your tablet in clear view. If the tablet is shared between two people your FlyTunes will come in very handy in this situation, pairing two sets of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Portable Car Jumpers Can Save the Day

Extremes of heat or cold, or leaving an interior light on overnight, can drain your car battery and leave you stranded. Scosche portable car jumpers are simple (read foolproof) and safe (non-sparking) to use and get your car started and you on your way without fuss or fanfare. PowerUp car jumpers are a must for any road trip. And if you need to use your laptop in your car or RV, you might want to take along a Power Inverter that converts the Direct Current (DC) power from your 12V outlet to Alternating Current (AC) that your laptop, and other devices, can use.

Track Your Activities with a Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor

Many of our Scosche staffers are into an active lifestyle and will be running, cycling, surfing and swimming during their vacation, instead of relaxing on a beach (as nature intended). If you’re opting for an active vacation, you should take a look at the Rhythm heart rate monitors. You can wear either the Rhythm+™ or Rhythm24™ on your arm, which is more convenient and comfortable than the ones worn on a chest strap, but are every bit as accurate. Both work with most fitness apps and the Rhythm24 is waterproof so you can swim or surf with it, and it has onboard memory to capture your entire workout.

Bring the Music with a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, if you’re heading out hiking, hitting the beach, or maybe just want to throw an impromptu party at your campsite, you’re going to want an amazing sounding, yet sturdy, dustproof and waterproof, Bluetooth speaker. Yes, of course we have those! Meet the BoomBottleMM®. It even has handy magnets top and bottom to hold it securely to a metal surface and secure your phone on the top. And I nearly forgot – it also has a built-in bottle opener. Now that’s a party! So check your travel accessories inventory and go and enjoy your best vacation ever.
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