EFX Sound System Hardware

<p>Scosche EFX&reg; sound system hardware includes everything you need to replace your vehicle's factory stereo and transform the overall sound quality of your car audio system! EFX&reg; car audio sound system hardware includes distribution blocks, fuse blocks, wire, terminals, interconnects, fuses, amp installation kits, power kits and more.</p>

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Set Descending Direction
  1. RCA Cable
    12' Performance Series Composite Video RCA; 75ohm Coaxial, split-tip, 2-color micro barrel, retail window box
  2. Amp Kit
    4AWG OFC Amp Kit
    4AWG OFC Amp Power Kit; 100A mini-ANL, ultra-flex fine strand, ultimate ground, retail double blister
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  3. Fuse Holder
    IN-LINE Fuse Holder
    Fuse Holder is perfect for use with 4-gauge or 8-gauge power wire
  4. Speaker Wire
    250' Ultra-Flex 2-Channel Speaker Wire w/Remote Turn-On
  5. Amp Kit 16 Feet long
    Rogue 8GA OFC Power Sports & Marine Amp Kit 16ft
  6. Rogue 8GA PS Amp Kit 6'
    2-Channel Weatherproof RCA to DIN Coupler
  7. Rogue 8GA PS Amp Kit 6'
    Wire stereo amplifiers
  8. Rogue 10GA PS Amp Kit 6'
    6 ft. Rogue 10GA OFC Powersports/Marine Amplifier Wiring Kit
  9. PSM12CCF Amplifier or Accessory Wiring Kit
    Wire stereo amplifiers
    Out of stock
  10. 2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit
    2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit
  11. 2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit
    2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit
  12. 2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit
    2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit